About Us

Netclips Co., Ltd. has developed into a specialized storage solution company for more than 20 years in the business environment, business environment, and IT industry. With the competitiveness of products and services that can enhance customer's value, Together we have led the storage solutions market in Korea.

In the domestic storage market, which relies heavily on foreign storage, we are steadily growing into Scale-out NAS product, SCALEWAY. This product is superior product that can compete with leading foreign brand products and is recognized in various fields. SCALEWAY is a Gateway-type NAS Appliance product and it has been designated as a rival product between small and medium enterprises since 2016. It is also registered in the national market shopping mall and has achieved steady sales growth in public institutions.

Netclips Co., Ltd. has invested not only in one product but also in continuous product development, and it has created SCALESTOR, a SAN Storage. It is a highly integrated and high performance product and composed with SCALEWAY together with high performance regardless of system environment or size while providing flexible and scalable services optimized for your business environment.

We always do our utmost to improve the value of our customers by presenting our vision to our customers and we are endeavoring to provide the best solution with constant research and development. As a company that read and prepare daily changes, we will strive to become a company that grows with customers ahead of the times.

Netcilps' CEO Hee Young Kim