CCTV: PrivKeeper

What is PrivKeeper?

Product Overview: Supports real-time encryption when creating CCTV image, enabling perfect security system end-to-end from shooting point to storing and exporting by blocking of unauthorized access and hooking on camera.

CCTV systems are increasingly installed for various purposes such as crime prevention and facility management, and most installed CCTVs record an unspecified number of individuals and information. Currently, most running CCTV are exposed to private information and personal video information contained in the recorded images when the recorded images are exported to the outside through the purpose of investigation and information utilization, resulting in a side effect of leakage of personal information. Coretrust has developed CCTV video export solution with automatic masking of personal image information and specific information irrelevant to the purpose of exporting, exported image encryption function, and Forensic Watermarking function when exporting CCTV recorded video to the outside. By using this solution, we can unify the existing export image process and manage the function and convenience, and we can safely carry out CCTV recorded video with security.

Needs of information protection of CCTV video

Enhanced CCTV system security

● Applying the upper lever secutiry of certificate-based and identification-based security prescribed by TTA

● Certificate and DRM-based encryption/decryption module, authorization/device control and mutual authentication

● Require to control indiscreet access by only authorized person to give access authorization

● Realization of video security of whole section of CCTV system

Security enhancedment of exporting CCTV video

● Require to block unauthorized viewing through encryption of video

● When a video object is exported to the outside, masking of the information other than the specific information related to the purpose

● Tracking spill information when CCTV video is leaked illegally

Personal Inforamtion Protection Act Observance

● The personal information handler shall take necessary technical, administrative and physical measures to ensure the stability, such as establishing an internal management plan and keeping a record of the connection so that personal information is not lost, stolen, leaked, falsified, altered or damaged.  Clause 29 of Personal nformation protection act article


Manage the entire process log from the application to the approval, the contents of the export and the expiration of the export image.

Management of information utilization by providing export statistics and statistics

Automatic and manual masking of personal image information (face) for purposes other than recorded video

Secured security with export image encryption function

Apply differentiation by forensic watermarking for tacking outcasts when recorded vidoes are pirated or leaked


Satisfying the Privacy Act and the Personal Image Protection Act

Systematization of existing uncomfortable CCTV image export process and enhancement of convenience

Provide various configuration methods such as online or offline, single or integrated configuration

User and administrator access control, system usage history and log information management, and encryption for external export image enhance security

CCTV video export management and information security for exported video is required. The export management system enables the management and encryption of the video image to control the use of the exported image outside of the purpose