Datacenter and Scale-out Storage Solution : Quantum

Quantum offers a unique combination of professional storage soulutions, including virtual and physical server data protection, cloud backup and recovery, tiered storage, object storage and big data management.

Quantum's goal is to help more effectively manage, protect, archive and leverage company's critical data. Quantum teams are helping every customer, regardless of size or industry type, manage cost growth incrementally and create maximum value for the entire lifecycle of data.

Scale-out Storage

Quantum's StorNext scale-out storage provides superior performance and superior performance of advanced data management.


Quantum archiving solutions enable long-term data retention and continous user access by utilizing various catetories of technologies such as object storage, intelligent tiering software and LTO.

Data Protection

Quantum provides industry-leading backup and DR solutions for hardware, virtualization, and cloud environments by delivering products that incorporate innovative data deduplication, replication, and cloud capabilities.

Hybrid Storage

Portfolio of Quantum's QXS Hybrid Storage, developed to deliver high performance, efficiency, reliability and scalability, is the best storage optimized for flash and disk in order to significantly reduce operational costs.

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