Netclips Co., Ltd. possesses the qualifications and certificates for various technology development and various business environment in storage area for many years.

Software Quality Certificate

A system that evaluates the level of software process quality capability of software companies and development organizations

Research Institute

Company affiliated research institute / R&D dedicated department establishment notification system, is a system that actively promotes and encourages research and development of companies by granting various government benefits through R & D activities.

Certificate of direct production confirmation

Certificate of direct production confirmation pursuant to the Act on the Promotion of Purchase of Small and Medium-sized Business Products and the Act on Supporting Market Operations.

Factory registration certificate

Factory registration is a certificate to be created when a factory is registered. A factory registers a factory and registers it to prove it.

Radio Certification

The procedure for registering wireless devices purchased abroad for domestic use is called radio certification.
The reason for the radio certification is
①To protect the user's safety and rights by protecting the network from external electrical and mechanical damage
②Maintain and protect the national order
③To protect from unnecessary electromagnetic wave and communication failure and malfunction caused by other devices or external radio waves