Strong company of Server and Storage : DELL EMC

IT and Business environment Innovation, Realization in everyday life and work

Dell Technologies brings together seven leading companies - Dell, Dell EMC, Pivotal, RSA, SecureWorks, Virtustream and VMware - in a mission statement dedicated to helping customers succeed. Each company is leading, and working closely with each other to deliver true digital innovation and unparalleled benefits.

Dellis driving innovation across devices, partnership and services to design solutions that can effectively support business from an award-winning thin clients, tablets and notebook computers to high high-performance workstations and robust

Dell EMCprovides the foundation to modernize, automate and innovate your data center with industry-leading server, storage, cloud computing solution and converged infrastructure

Pivotalrevolutionizes the way how to build and run software to enable companies to innovate at the same pace as start-ups, using advanced software development methodologies, modern cloud platforms, and analytical

RSAprovides a business-centric security solution that enables all enterprises and organizations regardless of size in the world , to effectively control the changing security environment in today's uncertain and risky

SecureWorksdevelops data-centric security solutions that detect and prevent security breaches and cyber attacks.

Virtustreamprovides an enterprise cloud solution designed to ensure the performance, security, and recovery of the most complex and mission-critical applications.

VMwareadvances digital innovation with software and services that supports to run, manage, protect and connect all applications on multiple clouds and devices.

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